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Land Brokerage & Land Auctions

A core advantage of choosing Peoples Company as your real estate broker is our ability to utilize the most appropriate sale method based on your specific situation. Sellers can depend on our experienced team of land professionals to determine and implement the proper strategy that sets your land apart from alternative properties.

The use of aerial photography is among the aggressive marketing methods Peoples Company employs to showcase land. We offer traditional listing arrangements, public auctions, sealed-bid auctions and online auctions. 

Putting the facts about your land in front of prospects helps buyers reach a decision point faster.  Our customized marketing proposals include the technology, know-how and connection points to get the most important characteristics of your property in the hands of potential buyers.

Peoples Company Advantages

  • We maintain an industry leading website with downloadable FSA maps, soil maps, plat maps and aerial photography of our listings, giving buyers a unique perspective when looking at your property.
  • We contract with search engines such as Google to drive out-of-state traffic to our website. We subscribe to other searchable websites highly targeted for land listings and generating hundreds of thousands of views each month.
  • We maintain a database of buyers who receive our direct mail campaigns. The list is made up of thousands of clients actively looking for farmland, recreational land and development land in the Midwest.
  • We are members of local and national MLS systems, including the REALTORS® Land Institute MLS. In addition to exposing your property to a variety of clients through our own sales agents, we cooperate with other brokerages around the country and give them an opportunity to sell your land.
  • We offer valuable educational seminars, farm-leasing workshops, land development seminars and our annual Land Investment Expo, which attracts more than 600 farmers, investors and landowners from the Midwest and around the world.
  • We utilize e-newsletter campaigns and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to maximize the exposure of our listings and reach a more technologically savvy pool of clients. Our publishing strategy allows us to form new business relationships with numerous individuals who have an interest in land.

To learn more about the diverse range of aggressive land brokerage campaigns and proven real estate marketing tactics offered by Peoples Company, email us at or call 855-800-5263 (LAND) to speak with a land agent today.