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Land Management

Peoples Company Land Management philosophy is to fulfill our client’s investment goals and objectives using comprehensive, farm-specific, asset management strategies to enhance annual income and provide superior long term appreciation. The cornerstone of our innovative systems and practices is our commitment to implementation of practical recommendations that consider socially responsible principles of stewardship, sustainability, soil conservation and water quality.

Peoples Company established the Land Management model in direct response to our client’s increasing expectations for financial returns and that their land be managed in a responsible manner. In addition, there are ever-increasing societal demands to employ socially responsible production practices while feeding a rapidly growing world population. All of these personal and societal demands require production management systems that address these competing challenges in a comprehensive and responsible fashion.

Our Land Management approach provides an intense focus on utilization of information, analysis, production practices and advancing technology to increase production on the most productive acres while allowing for the conservation of the more sensitive and fragile parts of a farm. We start with a lease that incorporates the land owners goals and objectives. We then enforce the lease in furtherance of those goals while collecting and documenting production practices, soil fertility and yield history. This information creates a comprehensive farm history that is continually analyzed and utilized to increase yield, increase income and maximize appreciation. With the right balance and approach, land owners achieve their objective of superior financial returns in a socially responsible manner.

Land Management is an asset management strategy utilizing farm-specific systems and practices to increase the property’s annual income and produce premium appreciation.

Land Management differs from Farm Management in several fundamental aspects.
Traditional Farm Management services use a model of managing the farmer’s basic on-farm production decisions, collecting as much annual income as possible and charging the landowner a significant portion of that income. This traditional model has little, if any, focus on the appreciation side of the asset; and the farmer, landowner and farm manager are competing for their respective share of the annual income.
The Land Management model identifies progressive farmers that are aligned with the land owners goals and objectives. The farmer that fits this model does not require constant production decision over-sight and is a farmer that utilizes best practices and emerging technologies to increase the productivity of the farm and the returns that flow to both the farmer and landowner. This asset management model has a long-term focus.

Ideal Client
The Peoples Company Land Management client is a farmland owner whose goals and objectives include high expectations for both income and appreciation. They also require that their farmland asset is managed and operated in a socially responsible manner with sustainability, conservation and water quality issues being actively addressed. These sophisticated clients understand the interrelationship between these objectives; income, appreciation and responsible management; will commit capital in furtherance these expectations and that the Peoples Company Land Management approach is uniquely positioned to achieve these goals.

To learn more about our approach to Land Management Services, or to request a written proposal for your farm, email us at or call 855-800-5263 (LAND).