Estimate the current value of your farmland

Peoples Company is now partnering with AcreValue, the leading digital platform for farmland data and analytics, offered by California-based farm software company, Granular.

The AcreValue land value estimator is a quick way to find out how much your land is worth without the hassle of having someone estimate your land in person. Follow three easy steps below to get your reliable land value estimation.

  1. Click on the "Try a Valuation" button.
  2. Choose the county that your land you would like estimated is located.
  3. Zoom into the map feature to find a specific plot of land you are interested in receiving and estimation for.

With this valuation tool you will then be able to compare costs in surrounding areas, and you’ll receive a full valuation, soil survey, and crop history reports for individual pieces of land. For a more in-depth report on a specific area of land, upgrade to AcreValue Pro to unlock advanced features.

The AcreValue site is used by tens of thousands of farmland owners, buyers and renters across the U.S. to understand the current value of their land and evaluate prospective land for purchase or rent.

With this tool, our current and prospective clients will have more information, data and understanding than ever before. With good information our partners can make good decisions.

Featured Listing

PendingListing #13884
Listing #: 13884
230.00 acres m/l
Adel, IA
Price: $2,932,500.00

Offering 230 acres m/l of transitional development land located just south of Adel, IA.

Featured Auction

Upcoming AuctionListing #14049
Listing #: 14049
173.57 acres m/l
Dawson, IA

High quality farmland in strong farming area! Offering 173.57 NHEL acres of highly productive Dallas County farmland to be sold in two individual tracts at public auction on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018. 

Auction Results

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Find the results of recent auction facilitated by Peoples Company including sale date, county, acres and sold price.